Charlois is Charlois
Action Publishing Collective, Rotterdam, 2018
95 x 147mm, 80 pages, edition of 100

A homage to Rotterdam poet, Rieneke Minderman-Grobben
(1944-2018). Rieneke only wrote by hand, often about
everyday life in the Rotterdam neighbourhood of Charlois.
This first English translation of her poems includes images
of her concrete poetry in public space, and is published as
part of Charlois Speciaal, 2018.

Charlois 1

Charlois 2

Charlois 4

Charlois 5

Charlois 7

Charlois 6

Charlois 9

Supported by Charlois Speciaal and CBK Rotterdam.
Translated by Johanna Monk, with footnotes by Johanna Monk and Toon Fibbe.
Launch reading in front of Rieneke's neon on Gouwplein by Johanna Monk, Eothen
Stearn and Robert Tau, video by Nienke Terpsma.